We will lead a market having a liberating idea , a quick decision and an enterprising business mind for a rapid change

QUTA Milestone

Year 2013
April : Certification of Korea Tesing Certification by Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
Jan : Move into a new office
Year 2012
Dec : Asus distributor agreement
Year 2011
Nov : MTM 4th oversea workshop in guam
Nov : MTM Attained INNOBIZ certification
Oct : Korean Information Comm Contractors Business registered
Jan : MTM Japan warehouse opened
Year 2010
Nov : MTM won the award of $10 million export trophy by KOTRA
Nov : MTM 3rd oversea workshop in Kota Kinabalu
July : Launching www.mytrademaster.com global website.
Mar : Tradebin Service mark Registration ( registration no : 2006-0006408)
Mar : MTM attained ISO 9001/14001 certification
Feb : Registration of Software Business Certification by Korea Software Industry Association(KOSA)
Jan : launching www.tradebin.com website.
Year 2009
Dec : MTM 2nd oversea workshop in Saipan
Nov : MTM won the award of $3 million export trophy by KOTRA
Sep : Canada Branch founded : Mytrademaster Canada Inc.(BC00861275)
Year 2008
Nov : MTM won the award of $1 million export trophy by KOTRA
Jan : www.mytrademaster.co.jp launched for Japan market
Jan : www.mytrademaster.co.kr launched for local sales
Year 2007
Dec : MTM service mark Registration(Reg. Num: 41-0158208)
Oct : Japan Branch founded : My Trade Master Japan ( 0110-01-054195)
Oct : MTM 1st oversea workshop in Shanghai (Cebit Exhibition)
Aug : MTM R&D Center founded
Jun : Certification of Venture company by Korea Technology fund(Reg. num : 20070201181)
April : Move into a new office
Mar : MTM ERP System Open(Stock and Purchase management)
Year 2006
Sep : Joined as a Member of the Korea International Trade Association(KITA) (Trade Business Number : 45283550)
July : Mytrademaster Co., Ltd founded
May : www.Mytrademaster.com site officialy launched
Mar : www.Mytrademaster.com site beta launched