QUTA's the highest skill and test environment can meet various customer needs

Services and Solutions

QUTA provide a variety service for customer satisfaction

1 Sales

We provide HP, SUN, IBM, CISCO, Juniper and other manufacture at a reasonable price. We offer the most fastest and competitive price to customer's needed products through 2,000 suppliers worldwide and QUTA overseas branches


2 Purchase

We buy unused equipment and end of lease server/network equipment at a reasonable price.


3 Rental

we supply the best solution to meet the customers needed service. We always guarantee a higher quality and performance than our customer standard. We offer this service to meet the customer expectation at a reasonable price.


4 Hardware

By renting a cost burden of huge server and network equipment at least cost can reduce the company’s stock burden as well as additional capital and personnel cost that eventually reduce the company’s CTO cost


5 Consulting

Diagnose the level of the company's and its business related to the informazation and thereby develop a systematic Business IT Alignment strategy. We also provide a next generation IT integrated system to establish business process and IT system management. The optimal IT environment will increase business performance through the service that enterprise IT and alignment from the business work process.

6 System Integration

We provide a various system integration and operation for server, storage, software, and information systems to respond IT environment organically.