We provide a various system integration and operation for server, storage, software, and information systems to respond IT environment organically.

Customer Cases


- IBM p750 3.0Ghz 32 Core 128GB Memory 7台 ( 5 Nodes & 2 Nodes HA构成)
- NetApp Storage FAS3170 Dual Controller, Dual power 2台
- 20TB Storage(450GB 15K Rpm FC 4GB x 22个) 2台
- 4GB San switch 4台
- 10GB Ethernet 构成

交货期3周看起来很难,但是QUTA通过国外供应商在3周之内采购所有的设备,供给客户要求的构成5 nodes & 2 node HA,NetApp Storage , San交换机,内部网络的二重化等要求。支援以后2年间的维修服务及复制所有设备二重化构成,是客户即使没有down time也能够运用。并且具备代替备件的服务体系(M-Sure Basic),使客户安心的使用设备。

Futures trading system Development Company, Futurebrain, has developed brain OTC futures trading system for saving operation costs and ensuring a secure system. We suggested by suggesting the following system was delivered to our customers.

- Front- HP DL360G6 2.53Ghz 2 x QC 32GB Memory 2 qty (Linux Cluster HA configuration)
- FEP- HP DL360G6 2.53Ghz QC 32GB Memory 2 qty (Linux Cluster HA configuration)
- Back HP Storageworks 2012FC Dual Controller, Dual power 2 qty
- 3TB Storage(300GB 15K Rpm FC 4GB x 10)
- 4GB San switch 2 qty

Stable system configuration is a top priority for financial system. All the equipment must be operated as a duplex configuration without down time even they are pre used. We minimized down time on Linux OS system and HA Cluster configuration. Oracle DB storage was configured as well as a duplex storage with redundant backup DLT support. Also Storage controller and duplex configured San switch were supplied. We have an engineer support system (M-sure Premium) for 24 hrs X7 days and spare parts to back up any failure so keep customer to use the equipment safely.